: A program study that will submerge you into the practices of real Jamaican lifestyle, levity,expressions and traditions studies; Also includes traditional and nontraditional tours. A hands on exchange program right in Jamaica with its culture and treasures.  We will take you into the knowledge of it and the physical/mental training with the opportunity of sharing culture with the Jamaican people and students of other nationalities and cultures. Visiting local historic sites and participating in local events, not only will the participants get to experience new activities, they will also see how Jamaican people interact and be a part of the culture. This is a two to three culture study exchange program.  Inquiries Email


“DANCEHALL WORKSHOPS” will combine rigorous dancehall RHYTHMS, BASS, EXPRESSIONS and BODY LANGUAGE;  Training with information about the culture that created the music and its unique dance forms.  You will also learn how to incorporate this form into your current style and still make it looks authentic. Dancers of intermediate to advanced levels will be treated to classes of Reggae/Dancehall and the latest Jamaican street dances.   Much of being a successful Dancehall Master is about having authentic style and character broadly defined. Since, in theory “everyone can dance, but not everyone is a dancer“. Dancers must adhere to a set of dancehall principles and basic elements and combine it to their own style. Inquiries Email

Professional Certification Program: Offers in Levels: Discover the vibrant world of Jamaican music and dance with this master professional certification program. The course content is with an emphasis on the traditions and emphasis on the latest developments in Jamaica dance and music. The format is designed to teach you the real deal on how Jamaica’s music and Dancehall culture emerge. This program directly gives students the experiences better understanding and interpretation on a significant and historical culture, music and dance.  You earn a Professional Dancehall Instructors & Culture  certificate at level 4.  Book Today Inquiries Email

 BACK TO BASICS: from the place we call Jamaica, though this workshop proposes a dialogue between different artistic universe that has in common the exchange of expressions and information. The format is designed to educate you with the concrete basics on the founding elements of dancehall basics.  Back to Basics opens up everything you need to know on the music, dance styles, riddims and creators on all basic styles.  Provides better understanding and interpretation on its roots and its foundation. It is for those who desires to complement their formation, renewing and recycling knowledge about the basics and founding elements of dancehall basic.  Inquiries Email

DANCEHALL IGNITE: DEVELOPMENT CAMP: This  development program is an appreciation of some aspects of that artistic discipline in a very special way.understanding the creative crafting of dancehall art,through the elements of timing, space, energy and precision.  Exploring dancehall creatively and understanding its potential for the performing art relationships  An in-depth, intensive, and individual experience in arts integration of dance and choreography ****provides professional growth & discipline ***designed to refine dancehall ***reignite your creativity!  Moreover, its a specialized formation and education of the “dancehall performing arts” at a professional level. Ultimately we want to shorten the distance between street and actual real dancehall performers.   Finally you can create a better understanding and familiarity of the art form. The task is to find a common field or background and coalesce them together in an artistic manner without losing the uniqueness and authenticity. Inquiries Email

Recognizing Dance names.
Playing with dance styles