The Streets Rules

The streets is what dancehall is all about right? 💯 In each country you’ll find those who run the streets.   Best of the streets dance crews. The “Dancehall World Cup Parish all Stars” Will feature Jamaican dancehall crews who represents their territory in their parish. From the east to the west you will find […]

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Redefining Dancehall Culture Identity”

Rockerz Jamaica and the Dancehall United Nations are officially representing dancehall culture and positively re-definding it globally.  The official and historic staging of” Dancehall World Cup;“DUN DEM”  Building the Dancehall championship pro league in over 15 countries.  The organization sole mission is to “Bring Out Greatness” re-defining Dancehall and more so to creating an attractiveness and building positive vibes around it.  […]

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