Rockerz Jamaica: “The Dancehall Art Foundation” is an award winning building community.  A professional entity fostering culture and heritage.   Rockerz Jamaica is a culturing and passionate organization that acknowledges the importance of culture, foundation and education.

Rockerz Jamaica “The Dancehall Art Foundation’: Advocates in strengthening Jamaica’s popular dance style legitimacy, popularity, values and roots.   A driving force implementing designs that will enhance and develop artistic platforms. The organization carries the colors of authenticity, empowerment and unity.

Rockerz Jamaica “Bringing Out Greatness” An empowering organization dedicated to unite countries with the Jamaica’s popular dance style and artistic expressions.  An organization developing artistic and culture exchange platforms.

Our Mission: “Bringing Out Greatness”;  Developing artistic and culture exchange platforms. Creating collaborations through cultural exchange programs between Jamaica, United States, Africa and Europe and simultaneously building a world class competitive  platform.

A strategic partnership to foster the rich resource potentials of an unbelievably, creative dance culture.  Inspiring lives and enriching the community, together we can empower young lives enriching  the community.

DUNWhat is so special about the organization of DUN Dancehall United Nations”; A bonding Diaspora, unity amongst countries who values art and culture.  Is primarily to preserve Jamaica’s culture and roots for many generations to come:  An official product of Jamaica.   In addition, it’s a major cultural exchange between Jamaica, United States, Africa and Europe in the forms of A Culture Shock celebration exchange  and simultaneously building a world class competitive platform. “The Dancehall world Cup Championship Battle” (DUN DEM) DANCEHALL BATTLES ,DANCEHALL CHAMPIONSHIPS, DANCEHALL PRODUCTS CULTURE OF JAMAICA


The very first of its kind to foster and honor the roots and foundations of what Jamaica’s Music,dance and culture is all about.   Part of sharing and educating that will provide better opportunities for global audiences.

“The Dancehall World Cup Championships (“DUN DEM”)   “The Dancehall World Cup Championship Battle” (DUN  DEM) is an official. We have presented to the world a prestigious world stage “Dancehall Pro” Championship platform. Dancers across the globe vie for a chance to represent their country at the world finals. Dancers from different countries compete in a dancehall world championship battle after winning crews will have a chance to compete on “the Dancehall world Cup Championship Battle”.

Rockerz Global alliance

The Rockerz Global Alliance” is a bonding alliance of dancers, promoters, dance organizations in countries across the global coming together to help preserve, protect and empower.   Join us today and help us to preserve culture,while returning to the roots.  Find out more how you can become apart of this Global alliance  E:Dancehallunitednations@gmail.com