“The Break Thru”

The “Dancehall Met Gala” has arrived. Dancehall at its most glamorous. This event is an unmistakable game changer to be hosted in the fashion capital of the world; NYC. Dancehall’s biggest fashion players from around the world will gather December 30, 2017 @ L. Lounge, Jamaica Queens. Elite Spendas Productions in association with “Deck Deck Spendas” is the master mind behind this amazing event.

galla final

Image the Oscars of the East Coast with a world class dancehall vybez; Star studded and affectionately is set to be dancehall biggest night out. What other glamorous way to celebrate bringing in the new years.

The night begins with a star-studded red carpet reception, hosted by an array of fashion icons, Dancehall Kings and Queens; Super model Wendy, Dougie Platinum, Kiesha Diva and Culture. You can expect the “Dancehall Met Gala” to be hosted around the world with The “Dancehall World Cup” event “DUN DEM”. This is definitely a great shift to dancehall culture and entertainment.


Take a cut of some of the influential names from the fabric of the long standing Dancehall industry. Unlike other dancehall event this is a fund-raising gala for “YUTES 4 CHANGE FOUNDATION”. Relationships are created, old friendships are rekindled, and much fun and merriment is had.  Transforming dancehall into a altruistic event into the ultimate global celebration of dancehall’s culture. “Elite Spendas” Productions in Rockerz Jamaica is the master mind behind this amazing concept. “Brining out Greatness” and unity DUN. “The Dancehall United Nations.




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