Jahliveya refers himself as “King of Kings” for a special purpose.  The artist, choreographer and dance educator is now embarking on the musical journey.  He discovered this artistic ability to create  music.  “Rockerz Music” Influenced by Dancehall and pop culture blending conscious lyrics with a hard-hitting dancehall vibe. Jahliveya is currently working with established producers and looking to release a single.


Already a much-admired star. Jahliveya Rockerz; International dance music entertainer.  Sing J with an unrelentingly edgy image and youngest of his siblings was born in parish St Mary, Jamaica.  A member of the nominated International Reggae & World Music Awardspopular dance group, Unique Rockerz.  Jahliveya is international known for amazing dance explosive moves and styles.  Edgy, stylish, determine and passionate only a few characteristics to describe the rising star. Look out for Rockerz Music soon from Jahliveya and the Rockerz Band. More of jahliveya on Jahliveya.com. coming soon.

Photo credits@shawnarlingtonphotography



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