Jamaica’s Music and Dance has a unique identity;   Mento, Ska, Rocksteady,  Roots Reggae, Dub, and Dancehall. Our “Dancehall Through The Decades” segment will give you a journey through Jamaican music, and dance history.  DTTD is an educational and entertaining segment/workshop lead by culture ambassadors from Jamaica.  18119403_1974625816105917_6809643305447317603_n A culture study that will submerge you into the practises of real Jamaican lifestyle, levity, expressions and traditions.  This opens up everything you need to know about Jamaica’s music, and dance styles.

DTTD provides a greater understanding & interpretation of its roots and foundation. This is a Trade Mark blue print provided by Rockerz Jamaica. 100% authentic grass roots of Jamaican culture. DUN DEM ” DANCEHALL THROUGH THE DECADES . This unique package can be seen at festivals around the world, Universities and Dance Camps. For bookings and more info please email us

LOGO-freestyle logo copyOur presenting partners VP Records & Freestylee AKA Micheal Thompson has also provided us with additional materials and resources.

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