The Streets Rules

The streets is what dancehall is all about right? 💯 In each country you’ll find those who run the streets.   Best of the streets dance crews. The “Dancehall World Cup Parish all Stars” Will feature Jamaican dancehall crews who represents their territory in their parish.


From the east to the west you will find dancers who are exceptional and committed to the street style of dancehall.  The Dancehall United Nations has identified those crews and highlighting them on various events throughout the rest of the year in the  Dun Dem choreography segment.


This show down brings a wider recognition of the best of the streets.
You can expect the first show down at the St Ann Jerk Festival August 6, 2017.  Featuring Team optimistic, Too Kool. Dustville and Extreme Pushers. These crews were drafted for St. Ann, St, Mary best of the best.  Added stripe to the winner of the show down. WINS 20,000 JD. Featured performance at the Dancehall World Cup and special highlights during the the year.  The segment will be hosted

Dancehall Master Tamba Unstoppable. Powered by Streets Entertainment and Rockerz Jamaica.


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