Redefining Dancehall Culture Identity”

UNITED MESSAGE 1Rockerz Jamaica and the Dancehall United Nations are officially representing dancehall culture and positively re-definding it globally.  The official and historic staging of” Dancehall World Cup;“DUN DEM”  Building the Dancehall championship pro league in over 15 countries.  The organization sole mission is to “Bring Out Greatness” re-defining Dancehall and more so to creating an attractiveness and building positive vibes around it. 

BRAND JADancehall has global influential powers;  The founders and creators of the art form are Jamaicans who are taking the initiative to build a structuring body that will foster its foundation and values.   Jamaicans can now gain greater opportunities from exporting and importing their culture while uniting and empowering dancehall culture globally. Collectivity the support and efforts from DUN’s Ambassadors across the globe is making all this greatness comes alive. 

DH DECADES POSTER2The Dancehall United Nations (DUN) is first looking for fair trade in Dancehall communities across the globe. The explosion and qualifications begins in Jamaica on May 17, 2017 and ends Summer 2018 with “The Dancehall World Cup Championships”.  The “Dun Dem” party editions will be a weekly world explosions highlighting “Dancehall Through The Decades”.


The Dancehall World Cup™ (DUN DEM) is a formatted blue print design, highlighting grass roots of Jamaica’s popular dance style and culture.The Dancehall United Nations carries the colors of authenticity.  An empowering and uniting platform:  The empowering alliance is dedicated to positively brand Jamaica; Implementing platforms to enhance and develop professional exchange between Jamaica and the world. 

Rockerz Jamaica: “The Dancehall Art Foundation” is an award winning building community which advocates in strengthening Jamaica’s popular dance style, legitimacy, popularity, values and roots.  A professional entity fostering culture and heritage.    Look out for the  Dun Dem party editions coming to your city.


Here’s a list of some of DUN’s Officials representing their country as Dun/Dancehall ambassadors;

dun dem jahliveya VECTOR FINAL5
Michael Graham, M.O.B, Team Rifical-Jamaica, Supreme blazzaz, Marlon ‘Ovamarz Hardy-Jamaica, Irie Jam Productions- Poland, James Jones “The Royalties- Canada,  Unique Rockerz -J

 amaica, I-VAN- Japan, Bigga Elite- S weden, B-Bandi- USA, Shelly Belly-Jamaica; Mikhail Xqlusiv-Jamaica, Candice Alexia Morris- UK, Adam French- USA, Queen Shisha- France. Catrina Ascenuik- Canada, Trevor Brown- canada

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