“Defending Dancehall” Awaken The World With Jamaica’s Popular Dance Style. 

Legends, Masters, Creators, Rockerz, Skankers and Shakers will unite together in harmony comes July 2018 for ultimate Dancehall World Conference and The World Dancehall World Cup Championships. How can the world be the same?  The official staging of the historic Dancehall United World platform “DUN DEM”. The in born spirit of the Jamaican people and culture enthusiasts around the world will be awaken for the celebration of Jamaica’s culture, music and popular dance styles. Dancehall World Cup and conference will be a week explosions of activities and events, highlighting dancehall through the decades.BRAND JA

Dun Dem World Cup™ carries the colors of this authenticity, empowering and uniting platform. The Dancehall United Nations (DUN), advocates in strengthening Jamaica’s popular dance style legitimacy, popularity, values and roots.

DUN platum bogle 32.jpgIt’s more than culture diversity; It’s passions coming together for one cause. Qualifying dancehall world best dance crews and Dun ambassadors will join together in solidarity from fourteen united countries.  Special honorees will be reviled in Spring 2017. Dancehall Draft picks and special honorees will receive an official award for their dedication and contribution to the culture and arts.

The DUN DEM World Cup™ is an event that unites people “Wherever you are in the world, the passion for music, culture and dance is all about connection, celebration and happiness – and that’s what The Dancehall United Nations organization stands for. “Bringing Out Greatness” DUN.  Join us as we redefine Dancehall. Look out for the “Dancehall World Conference and Dun Dem World Cup qualifications in parts of Africa, France, UK, Canada, Germany, Jamaica, Poland, The United States, Japan, Spain, Russia,and Sweden. The Dancehall Art Foundation, The Dancehall United Nations, with the Reggae Federation. 

  • Strengthening culture identity.
  • Empowering the community.
  • Building brand Jamaica.
  • Strengthening Jamaica’s popular dance style.
  • Stimulating the Jamaica performing arts
  • Building global partnerships through culture exchange programs.
  • Preserving cultural and heritage.



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