Up and Young”!  Not all dancers just dance.  There are many ambitious young women in business such as fashion designer and renowned DHQ
B-randy.   The international DHQ  has been dedicated to the art of dance for many years and now making a step in the fashion industry.  The  “up and young” has tied in an important factor by contributing to the bigger half of dancehall’s image and fashion.   The fashionista has been creating edgy,hip and sexy outfits that defines the term DHQ’s style.  Skinout™ “It’s time to understand the sexiness and voluptuousness”.
redf“Skinout” A Jamaican Patois term used in the Jamaican dancehall. “Skinout” term meaning open up, is now used to represent a female company Skinout™.   Is all about embracing the street wear attitude with an added touch of the  Jamaica’s Dancehall cultural.
The founder B-randy’s creation “Skinout”™ .  Inspired by denim. Driven by Art formerly known as Royaltee, Skinout™ bring pretty and edgy together using our canvas i.e. denim.

She explained that denim holds the power to embrace every form of culture and trend.  Skinout™ is where you will find denim being exploited to its maximum potential.  This is where your passion for denim gets channelized in every way,to experiment with your everyday jeans.


For her Skinout™ allows us to use our canvas for creativity and art through fashion and dance. Fashion; “There is nothing which is as effortlessly sexy and stylish as the denim” Brandy stated.  Her exploration of the fabric and application of unique culture on it is what makes us different from the mundane crowd. Her company’s  inspiration behind every collection are cultures, subcultures and innovative trends which you cannot possibly find anywhere else.
Our culture is strong enough to be represented and expressed through an edgy, comfortable and effortlessly stylish fabric.
She also introduces the brand, Skinout with a dancehall class: This class introduces alignment through stretching, foundational Hip-Hop & Dancehall steps, musicality, and isolations of the body. This class builds skills around individual expression, freestyle, choreography, and performance.  Dancers will create movement collaboratively and individually and have the opportunity to share with others in the class.
Article by Donnaray  Roc
Photography by Roci
Location: Montego Bay Jamaica

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