The seasons are turning fast and it’s that time again when the greatest show on earth comes alive. Sting 2015 “The Legendary”.  This year Sting promises to deliver all what dancehall has contributed.   Featuring a legendary line up of dancehall pioneers and icons.   Dancehall nice again!.  As all the ground roots from our pass history that build this strong foundation of what dancehall is all about.   All the hits tunes that moves us for all these years, you will again get soaked with endless natural vibes on Sting 2015 “The Legendary”.

What is also special about this year’s line up;  The powerful bond between  Jamaica and Africa.  Our natural beat and inborn spirit is the inspiration behind the DNA of Jamaica’s music, dance, heritage and culture.

Sting 2015, “The Legendary” will not only featured an epic line up of pioneers but  will also feature international artists out of Africa. Essay Trained Soldier from Gambia and Stone Bowy from Ghana.  What will happen the night of December 26, when the fusion of dancehall and afro beat comes alive.  From the Rockerz Global Alliance look out for Essay Mboob AKA  ESSAY MAM BAI TRAINED SOLDIER.  One of the toughest and most conscious lyricists of this generation out of Gambia.


Gambia_River_CruiseEssay was born and schooled in the west african country “The Gambia” before moving to Europe, Stockholm Sweden for the past decade creating music. The Trained Soldier has been representing his countries roots on national and international scenes in a powerful way.

His years of hard work and dedication has resulted in three full albums “nothing 2 something” (2009) “Singers and players” (2012) & the latest one “The hungry must be fed and the blind must be led” (2014).

Many singles together with music videos has been produced worldwide.
Throughout his music exprienced he worked together with legends from around the world.  He created songs and coloborated with artist such as, The Outlawz (2Pac) and linking with many major Hip Hop artist on a many levels.  His collaboration with legendary singer Ablai Mbaye and bass player Habib Faye from Senegal.  He also worked with Jamaican  artist like Junior Reid ,Norris Man ,Stein, Lutan Fiyah, Jah Vinci and other top class international entertainers.

esssay4In resent years Essay has been spending alot of time in Senegal, the neighboring nation to The Gambia, where he’s been campainging hard to spread his soldier message through his blend of African & Reggae music.

Throughout the years and still to this day Essay is working with Swedish top producer Jatrix (Nordicsteel) and together they formed the label “Brightlight Entertainment; Producing riddims, singles and albums for many different artists.  Essay is now looking  release his brand new album “Smile” in early 2016.

Jamaica get ready for Essay ‘s live performance at the STING. The  Greatest Dancehall show on earth. Tune in and listen to STING JAMWORLD news and also listen interview with Essay on Irie FM or HOT 102.





 Article  By Dancehall Ambassador Donnaray Roc

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