Dancehall is everything to these international DHQs.  The International DHQ is hosted every year in Montego Bay, Jamaica.  The Big Head Promotions hosted It’s 19th year once again and has become a stopping ground for queens all over the world.  This year DHQs from all parts of Europe, Asia and Jamaica competed from the pack of forty-six Queens to top five.
Talk bout pressure, only seven DHQs from Jamaica had the courage to grace the stage this year.  You would think the Jamaicans were out numbered by the Europeans.  Regardless of the tough competition Jamaica found a way to pull through to be the top winner.  What is so special about a DHQ, “Its all about sex appeal, fashion statement, energy and raw attitude to make it a perfect match to a gain such a title at The International DHQ” stated Dancehall ambassador Donnaray.  “The queen appeal must be perfect and her performance must be just like a live show”.
 There were many to be favored, the fashion statements, energy and creative concepts of props that these queens came with is something to be remembered.  We have seen it all from Vybz Kartel doll to donkey, these ladies will go to extreme measures to get the title.  Must say this years competition was something to be remembered a truly entertaining competition.
Top five first place Jamaica Keke, 2nd place Bombom representing Japan, third place DHQ Gringesho representing French Guiana, fourth place DHQ Jeggy representing Jamaica and  fifth place irie queen representing Spain. Congratulations to all the top five.  Great performance.

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