Dancehall is for you!! Its all about building and hornesting truth.  Dancehall Empire.”GOING BEYOND MEDIOCRACY “. Empowering what is called Dancehall art and paving ways.  The awarding building community invites real lovers who wants the best for the art form”Dancehall”.  Welcoming all who wants to share Jamaica’s dancehall culture and not taking it for themselves.  (DUN) “The Dancehall United Nations” is here because the real art form of dancehall has been taken advantage of in so many ways.

The Dancehall Art Foundation (Rockerz) is a culturing and passionate organization that acknowledges the importance of protecting Jamaica’s intellectual property and bringing out what is true about the art form, while providing bigger opportunities for all dancehall dancers on “greater levels”.

Did you say that dancehall has spread tremendously around the world? Yes we agree, But the truth is that dancehall is Jamaica’s property, roots and heartbeat. However, it has also become the heartbeat of many young talented european dancers, selectors and producers.

We talking about Europeans who live, breath and eat dancehall.  Yes the spread is great, but we want to insure that everyone acknowledges and respect “what is dancehall“.  We are fostering an official intellectual product of Jamaica, by Jamaicans and building a world pro platform so Jamaica can also benefit for generations to come.   We want to get it back together because it’s our job, so lets do the right thing.  A message from The dancehall ambassador  and fonder of “DUN” Donnary Roc .

The World Cup Championship Battle” (DUN DEM) is an official professional engine for Jamaica’s authentic dancehall art form.   No mixing, but grass roots of exactly what was created from the passions, attitude and struggles of the Jamaican people.  

#DUN “Bringing out Greatness” 

“What is Dancehall” Get to know more about our stories builder and founder of dancehall art Mr Wacky”#ROCKERZJAMAICA


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